The project is led by Prof Valery Gond from CIRAD (France). Project investigators include Prof. Uta Berger from Dresden University of Technology (Germany), Mr. Uday Pimple from JGSEE, KMUTT (Thailand), and Prof. Vo Quang Minh from Can Tho University (Vietnam). The project RESCuE brings together 10 local and international institutes from the public, government, and private sector sectors in 3 different European countries (France, Germany, Italy),2 southeast Asian countries (Thailand and Vietnam), and 1 East Asian country (Japan).

Valery Gond


Valery Gond is a Geographer Specialized in Remote Sensing. With a Ph .D. (1995) from CNES (French Spatial Agency), Valery has held postdoctoral positions at VITO (Flemish Space Agency), and JRC (European Commission Research Center). Working for CIRAD (a French research and development institution), Valery is working on several International Projects with a focus on Characterizing Forest Spatial Patterns in the tropics, (namely Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia), and the Identification of the Human Impact on forests resulting from mining, logging, agriculture, and other human activities.


Uta Berger:


A Professor in Mangrove Ecosystem Forest Biometrics and Forest Systems Analysis, Uta’s research concentrates on the Mechanistic Understanding of Ecological System Function and its Connection to Species Diversity and their Traits. Specific Interests include:

  • Links between Species Adaptation, Organism Behavioural Patterns, and long term Patterns in Biodiversity
  • Restoration Ecology with a particular focus on Degraded Forest Systems
  • Biodiversity Conservation under Changing Environmental Conditions


Uday Pimple


Uday Pimple is a assistant professor with specialized in remote sensing of mangrove biodiversity from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand. Currently, he is involved in the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Forest Zonation Processes and Structure; and the Development of an Automatic Field Sensor System for Forest Ecosystem Monitoring (with a special focus on mangrove forest ecosystems).


Vo Quang Minh


Vo Quang Minh is a Professor in Soil Science at Can Tho University. Since obtaining his Ph.D. in 2007,  he is the Head of Can Tho University’s Land Resource Department. His current work focuses on Land Use Planning at the village level, which also includes mangrove communities.
Dario Simonetti


With a Laurea (Bachelor) degree in Informatics from the Universita’ dell’Insubria, Facolta’ di Scienze Matematiche, Fisiche e Naturali, Varese, Dario is a GIS Analyst–Programmer with the Directorate D – Sustainable Resources, at the Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy. Designing and Developing Tools for Tropical Forest Monitoring with an emphasis on Deforestation and Degradation, Dario possesses expertise includes Python, Big-data and Cloud Computing and EO imagery such as Landsat, Sentinel, RapidEye and Planet.
Johan Oszwald
Currently, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Rennes, France, Johan is a Geographer with 15 years of experience in the field of Deforestation, Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Services, and Forest Field Surveys.
Ronny PeteIMG_0671rs Ronny Peters is a researcher at the Institute of Forest Growth and Forest Computer Sciences in Tharandt, Dresden, Germany. Ronny is the father of Bettina. Working on a mechanistic model for tree growth and plasticity-based on hydraulic architecture. Since 2018: MARZIPAN – Adopting mangrove vegetation zonation patterns to gain information on subsurface aquifer structures and advance below-ground plant competition concepts in individual-based modeling.
Sukan Pungkul


Sukan Pungkul is a Forest Officers at the Royal Forest Department, Thailand, with over 25 years of combined Experience in Forest Survey, Remote Sensing based Biomass Estimation, Forest Ecology, and Biodiversity.
Kumrom LeadprathomKumaron Kumrom Leadprathom is forest officer at the Royal Forest Department, Thailand. Kumrom is a forester with 25 years experience in forest survey, forest ecology and biodiversity. In past years he have been working with community based forest restoration projects in eastern Thailand
Tamanai Pravinvongvuthi


Tamanai Pravinvongvuthi and Pasin Maprasop are Forestry Technical Officers at the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Thailand, focusing on Mangrove Forest Biomass Estimation, Mangrove Restoration, Conservation, and Policy Implementation.
Pasin Maprasop


Pasin Maprasop is the Forestry Technical officer (Samut Sakhon province) at the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources, Thailand. Currently, he is focusing on the application of drone and aerial photograph for mangrove forest biomass estimation.
Lilian Blanc


Lilian Blanc has worked for over 20 years studying Anthropogenic and Natural Disturbances in Tropical Forest Ecology. Lilian’s work considers the Drivers and rate of change of tropical forests to identify Restoration Strategies. Working for CIRAD, Lilian has also conducted research activities in Asia (Vietnam) and South America (mainly in Brazil and French Guiana).
Hélène Dessard


Hélène Dessard is a Senior Statistician at CIRAD. Hélène is an expert of Data Management and Applied Statistics involving Social and Ecological Factors. With a background in Agronomy and a Ph.D. in applied statistics, Hélène is studying Spatial Factors in Forest Ecosystems in concert with Forest Dynamics Researchers. Presently Hélène is studying the  Social patterns in forested landscapes, and the Interrelations between local People, their Livelihoods, and the Resilience of Forest Ecosystems. Hélène has studied the Social and Economic Impacts of Mining in Africa and is now involved in Forest Landscape Restoration projects in Brazil.
Patrick Rousset


At CIRAD, Dr. Patrick Rousset is working with developing countries to tackle International Agricultural and Development Issues: Agriculture, Food, Rural territories, and Climate Change. With a PhD degree from AgroParisTech ENGREF France, Patrick has spent 10 years as a researcher at the Brazilian Forestry Council. Now working for JGSEE-KMUTT and Kasetsart University in Thailand, Patrick is studying Biomass Energy Conversion, with a focus on Torrefaction and Pyrolysis.
Nguyen Thi Hong Diep


Nguyen Thi Hong Diep is an Associate Professorat Can Tho University. With aPh.D. in Remote sensing and GIS,  Nguyen’s studies include Land Cover Changes, Coastal Natural Resources, Ecosystem System Services, Disaster Management in Flooding, River/Coastal Erosion, and Climate Change Impacts in Coastal Ecosystems.
Tuan Quoc Vo


Tuan Quoc Vo has a Ph.D. from the German Aerospace Center (DLR), and currently heads the GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory at Can Tho University. Tuan is studying the Valuation of Mangrove Ecosystem Services, Monitoring Land Use and Land Cover Change using Remote Sensing.
Truong Chi Quang


A Senior Lecturer at Can Tho University, Truong Chi Quang has a Ph.D. in Informatics – Complex Systems Modelling from the Pierre and Marie Curie University. Truong specializes inLand Use Modelling, Surveying, and Web mapping.
Phan Kieu Diem


With a Ph.D. from The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand, Phan is a Lecturer at Can Tho University, Vietnam. Phan’s research is focused on Evaluating the Impact of Climate Extreme Events to Tropical Forest.
Nguyen Nhu Do Nguyen Nhu Do is Deputy Manager of Forest Protection Department (FPD), Ca Mau Province, Vietnam.
Phan Minh Tri Phan Minh Tri is the Head of the Forest Protection Department (FPD) at Dat Mui Commune, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. He is focusing on mangrove restoration, conservation, and policy implementation issues.
Nguyen Van Hiep Nguyen Van Hiep isa Forest Protection Department (FPD) Officer, Ca Mau Province, Vietnam. Nguyen’s focus is onmangrove restoration, conservation, and policy implementation issues.